Procedure step by step




 a) after your University nominates you, send all the documents until 31.05.2016 (for both winter and summer semester!)

b) confirm if you take part in the Polish week/orientation week until 31.07.2016 (for winter semester) or 01.01.2017 (for summer semester)

c) We will send you an official invitation letter after the Faculty has decided about your admission.

d) let our office (anna.wolnowska[at] and your Mentor student (poznan.mentor[at] know when you are coming. Our Office needs to inform the dormitory that you are coming.



a) meet your Mentor student at the airport/railway station. Please remember to let the dormitory and a Mentor student know when you are coming.

b) meet the administration of the dormitory (open from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. It is in the dormitory you will stay in.) If you arrive in the evening or during the weekend, you will be given the keys at the reception. On the following day you should meet the administration. You will need to pay the deposit and the rent for the first month. The administration will give you the bank account number or a form to pay the rent at the post office (the post office is within the campus)

c) meet the PUT’s Erasmus Staff. We invite you to visit our Lifelong Learning and International Education Office within the first days of your arrival. You can find us there from Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. till 2.30 p.m. Please, bring the photocopy of your ID card or passport (and visa if you have it) , and the photocopy of your insurance. (European Health Insurance Card and a private insurance policy). You will also have your arrival form signed. (If your home university requires one). We sign the arrival forms from the beginning of the semester. We will also need the electronic passport photo to prepare you a student card.

d) participate in the Polish week (orientation week) after your arrival. It will be one week before the beginning of the semester.

e) meet your Departmental Coordinator at the Faculty. At the Faculty you will get the student card (to have discounts for the transport). You will also get the schedule and all the information about the subjects.



a) Take the Transcript of Records from the Faculty. You should check if all the notes and subjects are correct.

b) Fill the "Erasmus student clearance form" - you will need the signatures from the dean's office, the administration of the dormitory,  the Faculty Library and only then Main Library.

c) At the end of stay, after presenting the Erasmus Student Clearance Form, you will receive the certification of stay at LLL and International Education Office. Please note that we issue the certification from the beginning of the semester until the same day the student come to our office (maximum until the end of the semester), even if the actual departure takes place later or during the weekend.

d)If you want to take the deposit back from the dormitory you should contact with the administration of the dormitory (It may be also used as the payment for the last month, but it depends from director of the dormitory) .