Host country formalities

A foreign student needs a valid passport or another document (e.g. Travel document) in order to cross the Polish border. Citizens from some countries must obtain visa for the stay in Poland. The visa requirements are changing frequently that is why it is better to check them and contact the Polish Consulate (or Embassy) for the latest update. The same applies to the customs regulations.

Visas are issued abroad by the Polish Consulate (or Embassy) and in the Republic of Poland by the Governor (Wojewoda) relevant to a foreign student’s place of residence. Students coming to Poland on tourist condition may apply for residence permit on arrival.

A foreign student who comes to PUT for one academic year should:

  • apply in his own country (Germany, G. Britain) for a university visa (wiza szkolna) valid half a year. The validity of visa can be prolonged in the Passport Office (Wydział Paszportów) which usually lasts 7 to 10 days

  • submit a certificate of eligibility issued by Poznan University of Technology to the Passport Office (Wydział Paszportów). This certificate is issued to the student accepted for admission only upon the receipt of documents: certificate of financial support, proofs of a tuition fee payment, period of study, temporary address in Poznan


A foreign student who comes to PUT for more than one academic year should:

  • submit a certificate of eligibility issued by PUT (the same procedure as for a student coming to PUT for one academic year)

  • obtain a residence permit for the period of study (4 photos and application forms from the Passport Office to be filled in). The validity of a residence permit can be prolonged but one should take into account that the procedure takes usually three to four months

The validity of passport should be six months longer than the period of visa the person applies for.