In accordance with the Polish law, each foreign secondary school-leaving certificate shall be submitted to  a process of nostrification which is conducted by the Kuratorium Oświaty w Poznaniu.

Exception to the obligation of Recognition are the holders of International Baccalaureate, Eb (European Baccalaureate), and other Foreign Secondary School Certificate mentioned in International Agreements To  which Poland is a party. More Details Can be found Here.


If the secondary school – leaving certificates obtained abroad are not recognized on the basis of international bilateral agreements they have to be recognized according to Regulation of the Minister of Education and Science of 6th April, 2006 on the


A candidate who is applying for recognition of secondary school certificate has to be submit to the Kuratorium Oświaty the following documents:

1) An application form (note that you will have fill the PL version) application form should contain: (name and surname of person seeking nostrification, date and place of birth, permananet address, name or number of school leaving certificate designed to
nostrification, education Institution name and address what issued a certificate, name of the country in whose education system the school operates and issued a certificate, date of issuing diploma)

2) Original Secondary School-Leaving Certificate.
3) Legalization or Apostille of  your Secondary School-Leaving Certificate.

4) Statement / approval of Secondary School-Leaving Certificate  Eligibility for Higher Education – proof that your secondary school leaving certificate allows you to study  in the country where it has been issued. (It can be obtained only from a Polish  diplomatic outpost in the country the diploma was issued in)
5) Translation into Polish language - It has to be translated by a  sworn translator only included in the list of sworn translators held by the Minister of Justice or by the Polish consul to the country where the document was issued.
6)  A document confirming identity (ID, passport,  residence permit)
7)  Papers concerning the course of education abroad  including:

•Register of subjects and obtained marks
•Number of hours per  subject
•Scheduled number of classes in a school abroad necessary to obtain a  certificate (taking into account the first year of school education but  referring to those who are not younger than 6) – if it has not been stated in  the certificate.

More information you can find on the Ministry of Science and Higher Education website