Poznan University of Technology

Rector Tomasz ŁodygowskiRector Tomasz Łodygowski

Welcome to PUT!

I am very pleased that you are considering studying at Poznan University of Technology. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for here, that is studies at a high, European level, interesting research opportunities and attractive extracurricular activities. Our University currently with its about 21 thousand students and more than 11 hundred academic staff, is one of the leading technical universities in Poland. It has become one of the most recognized landmarks of the Wielkopolska region, where industry is perfectly combined with education and culture. We are proud of this.

Our motto “Technology in a positive feeling” gives an idea of the university’s great concern for its students. We focus on the needs of young people whom we know the future belongs to. This encouraging conviction continuously inspires us to work even harder.

I hope that the time spent at Poznan University of Technology will be an unforgettable and priceless adventure for you, that our university will always be remembered as a great place to study, and even more… I also hope that you will discover the amazing places in our beautiful city, region and country and they will become your places.

We look forward to meeting you,

Professor Tomasz Łodygowski

Rector of Poznan University of Technology